Concorso Cambridge Dreaming of life after lockdown

Concorso Cambridge Dreaming of life after lockdown

Anche l’IC “Brigida” ha preso parte alla Cambridge at home experience 2020, “Short Story Challenge” on the world of better learning, con un racconto scritto da Sabatino Luca Prevete della classe 3Q, dal titolo “Dreaming of life after lockdown-a hopeful new world”.

Il concorso prevedeva la stesura di un breve racconto di fantasia, sul ritorno alla vita dopo il lockdown dovuto all’emergenza da Covid 19, e alcuni racconti selezionati sarebbero stati letti da attori del calibro di Ian McEwan e Stephen Fry.

Turning your daydream into a piece of fiction il filo conduttore di questo concorso della Cambridge University press, ben espresso nel breve racconto fantastico scritto da Sabatino sul tema dell’amicizia e dell’avventura, in cui un ragazzino di nome Lapo, riesce a salvare la sua famiglia con l’aiuto dei suoi amici.

E’ un onore sentir dire da un grande attore come Stephen Fry “I’m very happy to play a small part in supporting teachers around the world in these very troubling and difficult times….”

L’emergenza ha sicuramente reso evidenti le potenzialità dell’applicazione delle tecnologie digitali alla didattica, ma è stato proprio nella fase di emergenza che abbiamo vissuto che è emersa la centralità del ruolo sociale degli insegnanti, ai quali le tecnologie hanno offerto gli strumenti necessari per essere in prima linea, al fianco di alunni e famiglie.

Gli insegnanti non sono eroi ma hanno un valore che non sempre viene riconosciuto

Dreaming of life after lockdown: a hopeful new world”

We are in the future, exactly in 2056 and there’s a boy named Lapo who loves playing basketball with his friends in the afternoon, after he has done his homework… Basketball is his passion and his favourite sport, and playing basketball is his favourite free-time activity and a daily routine for Lapo and his friends.

But one day something strange happens, because while playing in their house courtyard, the guys suddenly hear strange noises coming from the building where Lapo lives; all the boys wonder what’s happening and instantly a bright tiny spaceship comes out of the sky, among the clouds… As in an terrible omen, Lapo thinks someone, maybe aliens, has just been inside his house and taken away his family, his mother, his father and Eddie, his little brother. At first the boy can’t think of anything but when he rushes upstairs and enters home and can’t find anyone inside, at that precise moment he finally realizes that something terrible has really happened! With trembling legs and his eyes full of tears, Lapo immediately went back down to tell his friends what happened, and to ask for help and, after the initial dismay, the boys suddenly found a solution: a flying vehicle, a technological machine, a special car with wings by which they could chase the kidnappers and save Lapo’s family.

They immediately began to work on their project and since everyone was an expert in technology it didn’t take long to build it. They immediately took off on their newly-made flying machine in search of the bad people who had kidnapped the boy’s family.


They immediately began to work on their project and since everyone was an expert in technology it didn’t take long to build it. They immediately took off on their newly-made flying machine in search of the bad people who had kidnapped the boy’s family.

Through the GPS, or Global Positioning System device, they were able to track them down and they discovered that they had left the planet Earth and had landed in another space dimension, the third world: the Kawanada! The Star Wars-like, but much more epic battle began; the boys at first found themselves in difficulty but soon managed to turn the situation to their advantage and managed to drop the enemy spacecraft; everyone was very excited except Lapo because he wanted his family back, so he threw himself out of the machine and fell into the void of the Kawanada! He managed to locate his family because he was equipped with a visor capable of identifying and analyzing everyone human. Once identified his family, he asked the commander of their flying machine to throw a long and transparent rope to get back on the flying machine … Finally the boy rescued his family and it was a wonderful experience for everyone! But unfortunately it was time to return to planet Earth and to reality and everyday life…

… “Lapo, wake up! It’s late…it’s time for your online lessons…get up!” he heard his mum saying. Everything had been only a dream, a fantastic and adventurous dream. It was April, 15th 2020, not 2056, a day identical to all the others in the terrible period of the world pandemic, when Lapo and all people in the world were compelled to stay at home to avoid the terrible virus infection. But that day for Lapo was different…his fantastic dream had given him great enthusiasm, optimism and hope for the future. He knew for sure that finally everything would be fine and the virus would be defeated by the discovery of a vaccine as powerful as the flying machine!

Sabatino Luca Prevete, 14 years old

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